August 16-20


Work location: Begins: Done by: Status:
Hampshire Street, Goff to Goss Monday Tuesday Detour
Goff St., Hampshire to Goss Tuesday Wednesday Detour
Lakeshore Drive, north of Tabers Monday September Delays
Main Street, Academy to bridge Ongoing November Delays
Gracelawn at Turner Street Ongoing August Lanes closed
Dunn Street, Riverside to 2nd Ongoing August Road closed
Old Danville Road, Moose Brook to city line Ongoing October Detour


Work location: Begins: Done by: Status:
River Road, Ferry north 2,800 feet Ongoing Friday Delays
Jeffrey Street, Fairmount to Pleasant Ongoing Friday Delays
South Ridge Lane, Woodside to end Ongoing Friday Delays
Shank Street, Webster to end Ongoing Friday Delays
Old Greene Road, No Name Pond to Acorn Ongoing Friday Delays
Pond Road, Sabattus to Golder Ongoing Friday Delays

Maine Turnpike

Work location: Begins: Done by: Status:
Lisbon Street bridge Ongoing August Lanes close
Sabattus River Bridge Ongoing August Lanes close

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