LEWISTON It took councilors three minutes Monday night to fix a borrowing oversight from February.

Councilors voted 5-0 to ratify an earlier vote approving the sale of $4.96 million in bonds to pay for the Lincoln Street parking garage.

On Jan. 23, city staff advertised the public hearing on the bonds for the Feb. 2 meeting. Councilors at that meeting tabled discussion, continuing the first reading to Feb. 16. They approved it at that meeting, but tabled the second reading scheduled for the Feb. 23 meeting.

Councilors eventually approved the bond package on final reading at their March 2 meeting.

Finance Director Heather Hunter said the bonds were scheduled to go on sale on Aug. 10, but bond attorneys found a forgotten rule in the City Charter requiring advertisements within 15 days of the final vote.

Hunter said Tuesday’s special meeting was necessary to ratify the council’s earlier decision. The bond sale is now scheduled for Sept. 1.

Work on the 378-space parking garage began this spring.

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