RSU # 36 BUS ROUTES FOR 2010-2011

Bus # 1 : Steve Allen

First Pick up at 6:40 a.m

Start at Rt.# 106 , to Strickland Loop off Rt. # 106, Pine Ridge Park, go across Park St. and pick up on the Camp Ground Rd., Old County Rd., Jug Hill rd., Blind Rd., Pick up Haines Corner Rd. back to Park St.

Bus # 6 : Mary Hayford

First Pick up at 6:30 a.m

Start at 1425 Federal Rd., to Butter Hill Rd., to Bear Mtn. Rd., to Church St., back to Federal Rd., on to Turkey Lane, Israelson Rd., back to Boothby Rd. to Intersection of Norlands Rd.,back to Federal Rd., proceed to Round Pond Rd., to upper section of Robinson Rd. (Drop Off elementary Students)

Pick up H.S/M.S students in town at Int. of Knapp and Cargill, Int. of Church and Cargill and Proceed to Middle School.

Bus # 7 : Celeste LaBlond

First Pick up at 6:50 a.m.

Start at the Diamond Rd, to Park St., to Gilbert St.

Drop off H.S/ M.S students and Proceed in town to pick up Elementary Students at Int. of Pleasant and Lathem, Int. of Pleasant and Church, Int. of Church andCargill, Int. of Cargill and Knapp, Int. of Knapp and Searles, Int. of Knapp and Richardson,Int. of Middle and Bemis St., Int. of Otis and Monroe, Int. of Knapp and Green, Int. of Knapp and Reynolds, Int, of Knapp and Millett, Int. of Church and Union.

Bus # 9 : Mavis Letourneau

First Pick up at 6:55 a.m

First stop at 18 Souther Rd.,on to Int. of Globe and souther, Int. of Master and Souther, turn on to Moose Hill Rd to Int. of Moose Hill and Fayette Rd., Pick up Fayette Rd. to Int. of Royal Drive, to Parkview Ave., on to Pomeroy Hill Rd., pick up Fayette Rd. to Park St. . Drop off H.S/M.S students

At appx. 7:30 a.m continue to pick up intown Elementary Students, starting at Int. of Pearl and High , to Int of spring and High , to Int. of Wheeler and High, to Int. of Baldwin and High, and to Int. of Munsy and High st. Proceed to the Elementary School.

Bus # 12 : Mike Collins

First Pick up at 6:30 a.m

First stop on Boothby Rd., to Pike Rd. to South end of Turkey Lane, to South Rd. turning at Jones Way and proceeding back to Boothby Rd. , turn right and go to River Rd., to Strickland Ferry Rd., to Norlands Rd. , on to Fish Meadow Rd. ( turn at Red Barn and go back to Gibbs Mill Rd., pick up to the Elementary School. Drop at Elementary and than at H.S/ M.S.

Bus # 13 : Don Lesuer

First Pick up at 6:40 a.m

First stop at River Rd, to Coolidge St. back to River Rd. , to schoolhouse Hill Rd., to Federal Rd. back to River Rd. to Int. of Strickland Ferry Rd., to Maple Lane turning at End, proceeding to Robinson Rd. to Gibbs Mill Rd . (Dropping off at Elementary School)

Picking up H.S/ M.S students in town at Int. of Richardson and Knapp and Int. of Latham Terrace and Pleasant st. Proceed to M.S/ H.S.

Bus # 14 : Stephen Groomes

First Pick up at 6:45 a.m

First Stop at 108 Botka Hill rd. , to Goding Rd., Int. of McKinney and Goding, to Int. of Hyde and Goding, to Crash Rd, to Hathaway Hill Rd, to Federal Rd. , and ending with Hinkley Rd. proceeding to Elementary School and than to H.S/ M.S

Special Needs Students picked up at appx. 7:30 a.m on Wheeler St., Cargill St., and on Reynolds Ave. and taken to Elementary.

Bus # 15 : Norm Miele

First Pick up at 6:20 a.m

First stop at Bean St., to Federal Rd. ,to Canton Rd.,onto Shackley Hill, back to Canton Rd., to Church St., to Keith St. , Sanders Rd. , onto Norton Rd. back to Federal Rd. To Waters hill Rd. , Stonewall Drive and back to Federal Rd ending at AppleOrchard Daycare. Proceed to Elementary.

Bus # 16 : Sandra Foss

First Pick up at 7:00 a.m.

First stop at 102 Depot St., to Intersection of MooseHill Rd. and Souther Rd., reverse back MooseHill Rd. to Int. of Meadowbrook and Moose hill, to Heritage Lane, Tradition way, and Jones Rd.. to

Pine Ave. Hillcrest at both ends of Bellaire, to Sewall St.and than drop off at H.S/M.S

Pick up Elementary students in town at the Int. of Main and Millett, Int. of Main and Reynolds, Int. of Main and Green, Int. of Main and Richardson, Int. of main and Monroe, and Int. of Main and Gordon. Proceed to Elementary.

Bus # 17 : Arlene Castonguay

First pick up at 6:40 a.m

First stop at Intersection of Park and Hillman Ferry Rd. , cont. along Park St. to Town Line, back to Hunton Loop, to Dodge Rd., to River Rd, to Androscoggin Bluff and than back up to 545 Park St. (proceed to M.S/H.S )

Than pick up Elementary students on Highland Ave. with stops at Int. of Highland and Oak St, Int. of Highland and Maple and Int. of Highland and Birch. Back up Park St. to Int. of Park and Oak St. Proceed to Elementary.

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