NORWAY – A special town meeting will be held Thursday, Aug. 19, to address more than $100,000 in budget overdrafts from the last fiscal year.

Voters will meet at the Norway Municipal Building to act on four articles beginning at 7 p.m.

The majority of the $103,844 overdraft request is for general assistance. Town Manager David Holt told selectmen recently that $64,590 is needed to make up a shortfall in the 2009-10 budget for the fiscal year that ended  June 30.

Holt said at that time that “tough times” are largely to blame for the overdraft. The state has started to reimburse towns 50 percent of the general assistance budgets, he noted.

Voters will also be asked to approve about $9,000 for the administration budget, $20,657 for the police department, $166 for the animal control officer, $1,422 for the solid waste budget and $8,018 for community development budget.

The money will come from the surplus fund.

Voters will also be asked to discontinue winter maintenance on the Damon Road and repeal article 34 of the annual town meeting warrant. The article  appropriated money for several departments.

Thursday’s article requests that the wording be replaced.

Holt told the board previously that the money has been appropriated, but because of concern by a local official about the wording, the new article to be voted on simply puts all the specific money requests that come from various funds into one article for passage. The vote will not affect any budgeting.

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