I encourage citizens of New Gloucester to educate themselves on the inner workings of our current leadership. In the past few months I have taken the time to do just that and what I have discovered makes me embarrassed to admit I live here.

Democracy is grounded in input from all citizens, the ability to exercise our freedom of speech without fear of retribution and the pride in standing up for what we believe in. I am disgusted at our leadership because I don’t believe their actions clearly uphold these same values.

During our recent budget process, numerous citizens spoke up to point out inaccuracies and inconsistencies. Although we were assured that our input was valued and encouraged to serve on any one of our town committees, those who spoke out are now being shut out. Despite attempts to add new voices and perspectives, New Gloucester continues to be a Good Old Boy network where a small group retains power and control.

I cannot impress upon my fellow citizens enough, the importance of understanding government control, knowing how decisions are made and by whom and making sure you support what is going on in your town.

All I ask is that people educate themselves. Find out if you agree with what is going on in our town. If you do, support our current leadership. If what is happening concerns you, speak up.

Elected leadership is here to serve with the people.

Let them know you are watching.

Melanie Craig, New Gloucester

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