Leonard Pitts Jr. writes, “Gay men and lesbians want to be free. And it’s the rest of us who have no right to judge.”

While Cal Thomas writes, “Judge Vaughn Walker an openly gay federal judge has joined the conga line of activist judges, accelerating us down the path of destruction.”

Judge Walker was nominated to the bench by the conservative Republican hero Ronald Reagan. In his defense, Mr. Reagan is being pardoned for his faux pas because he had no clue to Walker’s presumed homosexual status.

In Maine, Betsy Smith, spokesperson for Equality Maine, states, “we must educate society, have a dialogue to clear the way for equal rights for all individuals.”

Hello, Ms. Smith? You could talk until you’re blue in the face. No one who has been programmed by the rulings of religious faith will give members of the gay community their freedom.

Gays’ 15 percent minority status will always be out-voted by the majority heterosexual society. The courts, if judges are able to leave behind their religious upbringing, will be the only factor in granting equality and justice for all Americans, while religious groups will continue to deny them the freedom they justly deserve.

Rolande Caron, South Paris

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