My gripe is cars driving in and out of the Central Maine Community College on Turner Street in Auburn. I live in Ja-Lynne Trailer Park just down the road from from the college, and I find I must be especially alert coming upon the college entrance. Cars often don’t stop coming out and will cross in front of you, causing you to break so you don’t collide. They make you feel as though they have the right of way at any turn. I have seen too many close calls at that entrance. Driving laws are being ignored.

Jeannette Libby

Can anyone explain why a certain large retailer has Speedy-checkout lane 20 items or less signs on their registers and they allow people who have 50 to 100 items or more in their carts go through the lane. Why are they not allowed to tell the person that this is the 20-items-or-less lane?


My Gripe is people using the Career Center’s computers to play video games and do personal things. Not for a little time, but for hours! Computers are for job seekers. The others are taking up someone’s space!

Also, greeters at stores who don’t greet customers. Too busy gabbing with co-workers, etc. Do your job!


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