I disagree with Betty Prindell and the massively misinformed Christian right on legislation of marijuana in that they document it as a sin (Aug. 14). 

Did George Washington sin by keeping a marijuana field in his family farm for severe arthritis?

In all frankness, we should keep God out of the equation of medical marijuana lest we deny medical treatment. 

For treating HIV/AIDS, cancer, visual disorders and severe anxiety attacks, medical marijuana is what God has given us. Instead of that, however, Prindell and the ilk of conservative Christian masses use sin as a contextual disagreement for their own restrictions of others.

Perhaps instead of placing medical marijuana into the hellfire, conservative Christians should read Psalm 30:10: “Hear, O Lord, and have mercy upon me: Lord, be thou my helper.”

The Lord grants mercy, love and, above all, is a helper in times of need. Perhaps, for the Christian right, misinformation is their strongest weapon.

Joseph Ziehm, Lewiston

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