CARTHAGE — At about 10 a.m. Saturday on West End Road, the Big Bad Wolf menaced the little piggy with the brick house, while the two piggies with the straw and stick houses, and a fourth piggy, watched and waited for the inevitable.

The humorous float, created and portrayed by members of the Skidgell family, was one of six participating in the second annual parade down Route 142 that kicked off festivities for the third annual Splash Fun Day at The Blue Moose Store and Campground.

“There are three sisters in the family, so we tried to incorporate the whole family,” Joyce Skidgell said of the float that was keyed to the parade theme of comic book characters, fairy tales and nursery rhymes.

Just ahead of them in the small parade were members of the River Valley All-Terrain Vehicle Club on ATVs, with Howard Jones in the lead portraying “Big Redneck.” Jones was pulling a red sleigh, in which rode 10-year-old twins Paige and Lindsay Nowlin, and Jade Kubic. Armed with a rifle, Paige was dressed as a hunter, Lindsay as Daisy Duke and Jade as a farmer.

Precisely at 10 a.m., with Franklin County Sheriff Deputy Bob Cox stopping traffic on Route 142, the parade — complete with a Carthage firetruck, a Med-Care ambulance, Peanuts and Hansel and Gretel floats, area politicians, and the town historical society’s 1925 Model T Ford Touring Car driven by First Selectman Steve Brown — headed down the road.

In less than five minutes, the whole parade had passed five waving and clapping adults standing outside Bradbury’s Store who came to watch the procession.

One of the five, co-organizer Sheila Gordon, said she was glad the weather cooperated but wished more parade participants had shown up.

“Last year it was soggy during the parade,” she said. “Once they started, it poured, but it let up when they got down to the campground.”

Carthage used to have a parade down Route 142 back when Carthage Heritage Days were held. The Splash Fun Day event, which is keyed to families and children, took its place, co-organizer Tammy Knight said at The Blue Moose Campground road.

She was waiting for the first annual lawnmower race to begin, although only one lawnmower was entered as of 10:30 a.m., so she was contemplating holding an ATV race instead. Other additions were a make-your-own mini sailboat race down the Webb River and, later in the afternoon, a Fry Pan Toss competition.

By 11 a.m., people participating in the Cribbage Tourney were rarin’ to get playing, and no one had yet to show up for the boat race. However, people of all ages streamed in to check out the wares of 15 vendors, who offered crafts and toys, home-baked foods and plants, and children’s activities.

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