With all of the comings and goings in recent days, it might be a bit difficult to keep track of who’s still up for a spot on the 2010-11 edition of the Lewiston Maineiacs. Here’s the list of everyone still officially in camp, a total of 32 players:

Goalies (6)

Nicholas Champion (20)

Tyler Piercy (18)

Nathan Kelly (18)

Jordan Kennedy (17)

Andrey Makarov (17)

Antoine Bibeau (16)

Defensemen (9)

Sam Carrier (18)

Olivier Dame-Malka (20)

Zachary Evans-Renaud (18)

San Finn (19)

Dillon Fournier (16)

Stephane LeBlanc (17)

Ian Saab (18)

Zach Shannon (18)

Brayden Wood (16)

Forwards (17)

Connor Anthoine (17)

Francis Beauvillier (17)

Matthew Bissonnette (18)

Etienne Brodeur (19)

Michael Chaput (18)

Jonah Coonishish-Coon (17)

Cameron Critchlow (19)

Stefan Fournier (18)

J.P. Harvey (17)

Cole Hawes (17)

Sam Henley (17)

Antoine Houde-Caron (20)

Christophe Lalonde (16)

Pierre-Olivier Morin (19)

Matt Myers (18)

Jess Tanguy (18)

Alex Zafiris (18)

Now, you have to figure at least three goalies will go, which will trim the group to 29. Shannon’s stated goal of 14 forwards leads us to believe that three more forwards will go, too, bringing the total then to 26. Subtract at least one more defenseman to make 25, and you have a pretty workable roster.

Depending on injuries, illnesses and other factors, the team will probably trim to about 23 to begin the season, meaning one more goalie and one more d-man will likely go beyond that.

Should be an interesting next couple of weeks as the team is finalized!

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