President Obama made a statement saying that the Social Security system “would not be abolished” on his watch. What does he think will happen if he keeps stopping the cost of living increases to our senior citizens?

Since he has been in office, prices keep going up, including medical expenses, and new taxes have been added. He blames the Republicans, but since he has been in office he has boasted of not needing the votes of the Republicans, that the Democrats are doing okay without their votes.

Has he suddenly realized some errors and now wants the other party to take blame for the way things are going?

Wait until we file our taxes coming January 2011. Citizens will have to report the health benefits they are receiving from their employer, thus putting their income in a higher level, thus eliminating the refund some of us have enjoyed for so many years.

Someone has to pay for the free health coverage.

You say that doesn’t concern me, but it will affect someone you love.

If we don’t stop and smell the coffee, senior citizens and our young people will be extinct.

Jeannine Laplume, Lisbon Falls

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