AUBURN — The Lewiston Maineiacs’ former assistant coach is suing the team’s owners for allegedly breaking his contract.

 Jeffrey Guay, 38, of Lewiston filed a civil compaint Friday in Androscoggin County Superior Court against Lewiston Maineiacs Hockey Club LLC, a hockey franchise and member of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League. In it, he claimed the club offered him a contract last month, then rescinded it after both sides had signed it.

 He’s the second member of the Maineiacs coaching staff to allege breach of contract this year.

 On July 10, Guay signed a contract to serve as assistant coach and director of youth programs for the Maineiacs. That contract also was signed by the team’s general manager and director of scouting, Roger Shannon, on July 5, according to Guay’s complaint.

 About 10 days after Shannon signed the contract, the owners terminated it, the suit says.

 A copy of the contract, filed among court papers, shows the one-year agreement was to take effect Aug. 1.

 The terms of the contract say that Guay would have been responsible for working closely with the team’s defensive squad, general manager and coaching staff, including the head coach. He also would oversee videotaping and video analysis.

 Guay also would have assumed the duties of the director of youth programs. In that position, he would have been responsible for developing a strategic/business plan for youth programs to include spring hockey teams, spring camps, summer development camps and revenue generating opportunities for the Maineiacs organization, coaching staff and front office to ensure the program is in place for the 2010-11 season, scheduled to start in September.

 His annual salary was set at $41,000, plus bonuses for each playoff spot earned by the team.

 Contacted Monday, Guay issued a statement about his lawsuit.

 “As I was born and raised in this community, this community has always supported me as a hockey player and as a hockey coach,” he said. “I received a signed contract from the Maineiacs. I signed it also. The Maineiacs went back on their offer.”

 Guay declined to comment further on advice of his attorney.

 Also contacted Monday, team minority owner Paul Spellmana, a spokesman for the Maineiacs, said: “As a matter of policy, the Lewiston Maineiacs do not publicly discuss personnel matters.”

 Guay was the team’s first hired assistant coach, who started when the team arrived in Lewiston from Sherbrooke in 2003. He remained the team’s assistant coach under a succession of head coaches — Mario Durocher, Clem Jodoin, Ed Harding, Don MacAdam and, most recently, J.F. Houle.

 Following the 2008-09 campaign, Guay left the team for personal reasons.

 He returned to the team in December, 2009, when the team released MacAdam, as the interim head coach, and resumed his role as an assistant coach after three games, when the team hired Houle.

 MacAdam sued the team’s owners in January, also claiming breach of contract. That lawsuit is ongoing, according to court records.

 In July, Guay and the team parted ways again. Shannon had told the Sun Journal that Guay and the team had failed to reach an agreement on a contract.

 “One thing we don’t want to discuss is specific financial matters,” Shannon said on Monday, July 19. “But at this stage of the game, we’ve been unable to come to an agreement on a contract with Jeff.”

 Guay had said on the phone the previous week that he was “done with the team.”

 On July 19, however, the only thing Guay said was that he was “in contract issues” with the organization.

 “That’s really all I can say at this point,” Guay had said.

 Shannon said the team and Guay were parting amicably.

 A graduate of Lewiston High School, Guay played junior hockey and professional hockey before turning to coaching.

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