I am writing because I am dismayed by the stance of the Lewiston Sun Journal on the Cordoba House issue.

You are in a city with a growing Muslim, Somali population that has been targeted by hate groups. But when it comes to the issue of religious freedom and tolerance, you continue to print, day after day, the hateful ranting of right-wing Islamophobes who are unable to distinguish between Islam, one of the great monotheistic religions of the world with more than a billion followers, and terrorism, a tactic of asymmetric warfare that has been adopted by a particular militant strain of Islam that is opposed by most moderate Muslims.

On Aug. 19, you chose to print another bigoted column by Cal Thomas, in which he quotes Feisal Abdul Rauf out of context, completely distorting his message. It was filled with innuendo and guilt by association. 

Your editorial of Aug. 20 failed to acknowledge the important efforts at bridge-building that Cordoba House would support. 

The United States would be wise to encourage moderate Islam and heed the wisdom of Mike Bloomberg and Chris Christie, avoid demonizing followers of an entire religion, and encourage the construction of Cordoba House as an example of the American value of support for religious freedom. 

Both your editorial and your parade of intolerant columnists are disappointing.  Freedom of religion is one of the principles on which our country was founded, and your failure to support the construction of this building is deeply discouraging.

Diana Cundy, Paris

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