RUMFORD — The following divorces were granted recently in 11th District Court:

Wil L. Shurtleff of Dixfield and Debra B. Shurtleff of Dixfield, married April 26, 1997, in Dixfield, shared parental rights for two children, shared primary residence.

William R. Frost of Dixfield and Rose M. Frost of Dixfield, married Feb. 14, 1990, in Dixfield.

Bruce E. Quattrociocchi of Dixfield and Terry L. Quattrociochhi of Gardner, Mass., married May 22, 1999, in Fitchburg, Mass.

Shawn Michel York of Rumford and Andrea Diane York of Rumford, married July 19, 1997, in Oxford, shared parental rights for two children, primary residence with mother.

James Powers of Rumford and Kimberly Powers of Rumford, married July 8, 1978, in Old Town.

Derek E. Bryant of Dixfield and Melissa A. Bryant of Dixfield, married June 12, 2004, in Rumford, shared parental rights for two children, shared primary residence.

Nick Weaver of Lincoln Plantation and Lori Weaver of Oquossoc, married Sept. 9, 1995, in Stetson, shared parental rights for one child, shared primary residence.

James A. Barnett of Rumford and Janet L. Barnett of Rumford, married Sept. 3, 1993, in Rumford.

Douglas James Conant of Mexico and Jennifer Lynn Conant of Mexico, married Sept. 6, 2008, in Andover.

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