PARIS — A nine-member committee has been selected to make recommendations on the 2011 budget for Oxford County.

Six members were elected and three appointed at caucuses held Wednesday evening in Lovell, Paris and Rumford. The committee, made up of selectmen from towns in the county, will be sworn in and hold its first hearing on Oct. 19.

In Commissioner David Duguay’s district, which includes 13 towns and several unorganized territories, the caucus chose Brad Adley of Rumford and Lee Holman of Hartford. Duguay, of Byron, appointed Fran Head of Gilead as the third member.

The caucus in commissioner Caldwell Jackson’s district, which has nine towns and one township, elected Rick Micklon of Otisfield and Fred Henderson of Greenwood. Jackson, of Oxford, said Thursday that he will appoint Wade Rainey of West Paris.

Commissioner Steve Merrill of Norway appointed Bob Everett of Bethel to the committee. The caucus in this district, which has 12 towns and one township, selected Rob Heard of Porter and Russ Newcomb of Norway as members.

County Assistant Administrator Judy Haas said the committee is the same as last year, with the exception of Adley replacing Frank DiConzo of Rumford. Departments in the county government will make budget requests to the commissioners, and both the Budget Committee and commissioners will decide whether to make any changes.

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