On Aug. 25, I had the pleasure of reading a letter to the editor titled “Encourage moderate Islam,” written by Diana Cundy. I say kudos to her.

Society is punishing all Muslims for the atrocities committed by a few. Muslims do not believe in violence. They pray multiple times a day to Allah in order to be reminded that their god is ever-present, ever-watching, and will punish those who disobey his commands, two of which are peace and tolerance.

The prophet Muhammad never said, “Convert or die.”

Though Islam is not the religion I choose to follow, as I am Christian, I can relate to how the Muslims must be feeling. Christians are snubbed, even today, because of some radicals who have given all Christians a bad name.

Our country is built on some basic freedoms, such as the freedom to choose our own religions, which we have chosen to extend to all.

The overwhelming majority of Muslims are not terrorists and I believe we need to keep that in mind before we condemn all Muslims, or Christians, or Mormons, or followers of any other religion, based on the misdeeds of a few.

Kira Hebert, Lewiston

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