‘Groom’ing Tips:

Finding the Right Wedding Wardrobe for Your Groom (498 words, US, UK, CAN)

All eyes are typically on the bride during a wedding. But that doesn’t mean the groom should be a shrinking violet. While the bridal gown may garner the “oohs” and “aahs,” what the groom wears on his wedding day is quite important as well.

In many ceremonies, the groom spends several minutes standing beside the alter awaiting his bride-to-be. Before the first notes of “Here Comes the Bride” are played, all eyes will be on him as he anxiously awaits the start of the ceremony. As such, it is essential that the groom look well polished and is dressed in accordance to the tone and scope of the wedding.

Because most weddings are formal occasions, grooms often choose to wear a tuxedo or high-end suit. A well-fitted tuxedo combined with a formal shirt, tie and vest is the classic wedding ensemble. Generally the tuxedo jacket is single-breasted with three buttons and satin trim. This style is universally flattering to most men’s frames.

Accessorizing the tuxedo can mean different things. Some choose to wear a vest while others opt for a cummerbund. Others add suspenders. These accessories, including the tie or bow tie and the vest, can be all black like the tuxedo or can be coordinated with the colors of the wedding party. For example, if the bridesmaids are wearing butter yellow gowns, the groomsmen can wear yellow accessories. However, to set themselves apart from the groomsmen and ushers, grooms tend to go with the classic black and white and forego colors. On some occasions, grooms may choose to wear a white tuxedo.

A well-groomed groom is also an important wedding day must. He should be well-shaven and have recently had a haircut. If he has facial hair, it should be trimmed and neat.

Because he will be photographed all day long, a groom can choose to take some cues from his soon-to-be-spouse. He may indulge in a manicure to ensure nails and cuticles are neat. A dusting of translucent facial powder can tame shiny skin in photos. Some couples opt for teeth whitening prior to the wedding to ensure a sparkling smile.

When dressing the rest of the men in a wedding, they should take their cues from the groom, but not be carbon-copies of him. Fathers of the bride and groom can set themselves apart with a pocket square or a specially colored boutonniere.

The exception to a tuxedo or a suit would be for a casual wedding, particularly one held at the beach or in a park. Then the groom can wear what will coordinate for the occasion, such as a dress shirt and slacks, or even sandals and shorts for the ultra-casual wedding.

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