I have listened to weeks of hate, prejudice and bigotry of the worst sort.

I remember 9/11, and the 3,000 dead that day. Some of them were Muslims, who worked there, some of them were Jews. I bet some of them were atheists, or agnostics; all colors, all races, all creeds and all religions.

My country is a country of many colors and beliefs. Our forefathers recognized the value of diversity. I think a cultural center and mosque might allow people who do not want to spend their lives in ignorance to learn about the Muslim faith, and the people who practice it.

What is wrong with this country? Where did the tolerance, the acceptance and the care for others go?

So much hatred — a lot of it promulgated by FOX news and rabid, right-wing radio hosts such as Rush Limbaugh. It sickens me.

Has anyone suggested that no Christian church can be near the site in Oklahoma City that Christian, right-wing boy Timothy McVeigh blew up? According to the way the Muslims are portrayed, his actions should be construed to mean all Christians are terrorists. I know for a fact only some of them are.

We have the hate-mongering pundits on FOX and radio fanning the flame of hate. They have caused violence, and they will cause more.

Diana Lovejoy, Buckfield

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