According to Paul LePage, the Maine Department of Environmental Protection and other environmental groups “run the state.” And if he were governor, the DEP would be more business friendly, “instead of having people going around enforcing the regulations.”

A Lewiston native, does LePage not remember the stench and filth of the Androscoggin River 30 years ago?

If not for the DEP prohibiting the mills from using that river as their sewer, we would still have one of the most polluted rivers in the country.

And despite the BP oil spill, LePage supports expanding off-shore drilling, even saying there should be drilling off the Maine Coast.

Has he no conception of the recent devastation to the fishing and tourism industries, and not least of all, the ecological health of the Gulf Coast?

Clearly, LePage prefers a lack of oversight and regulation, the very things that have allowed these environmental disasters to happen.

Nathan Libby, Lewiston

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