After hearing about and then seeing the damage caused by lost souls at the Riverside Cemetery in Lewiston, I could only ask why?

Haven’t they lost loved ones?

Don’t they have any respect for those who paved the way for them to exercise their rights to be idiots?

After seeing the bewildered elderly gentleman on television whose family plot had been vandalized, I was moved to tears.

But you know, too often in life we focus on the bad guys and the pain they cause and too little time on the good guys and gals and their newsworthy stories. When I saw that the Lewiston Maineiacs hockey team came to the rescue and helped put the monuments back in their proper places, once again I was moved.

That is an extraordinary story and the head coach and his players should be extremely proud of their random act of kindness.

When folks do the right thing, we should let them know that we appreciate their character. I will be taking my family to our first Lewiston Maineiacs game this fall and I hope other families will show their appreciation as well.

Jon Evans, Bridgton

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