In response to Diana Cundy’s letter (Aug. 25), all I can say is thank God for people such as Cal Thomas who are not afraid to speak the truth.

First of all, there is no hatred or intolerance in this instance. There are approximately 60 mosques that already exist in New York City, where Muslims have always been free to worship. I only ask that they pick a different spot for their newest of many mosques this time.

I also wonder that if moderate Muslims and Feisal Abdul Rauf are truly interested in bridging a divide between the western world and Islam, then why would they mock us by building a mosque near Ground Zero, the grave of our 9/11 fallen? Why do they not speak out against the terrorist sect of their religion?

As for freedom of religion being one of the principles on which our country was founded, I truly hope that is true. We will see what Cundy and others on the left will say about religious freedom the next time someone wants to put up a nativity scene at Christmas or the next time, let’s say, a Mormon runs for president or someone of the Hebrew faith wants to display the star of David.

We will see then what they have to say about religious freedom and tolerance.

Judy Lowell, Rumford

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