100 years ago, 1910

The thieves who have been stealing green corn along the road in Lisbon have aroused the farmers who say they have their shotguns loaded and that intruders will get a reception of cold lead in the shape of buckshot. If the thieves would take the common ears the farmers would not care so much but they have stolen the ears that are marked for seed.

50 years ago, 1960

Although it would amount to a violation of the Blue Law, the Lewiston City Council last night approved 5-2 a Sunday carnival license for the fairgrounds on three conditions.

(1) There will be no gambling.

(2) There will be no “girlie girlie shows.”

(3) There will be “just rides for the kids.”

Before the aldermen was a carnival license from Gus Tramer’s Midway, which will operate at the weeklong fair starting Sunday.

25 years ago 1985

Tickets for the nation’s first regional lottery go on sale in northern New England Tuesday and Lewiston-Auburn people have expressed a lot of interest in the new game, according to local dealers.

The new game, titled Tri-State Megabucks, was created to stem the flow of betting dollars out of Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont to bigger lottery games in Massachusetts, New York and Canada.

The weekly game is expected to net nearly $5 million for the three states in its first year.

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