I appreciate Rick Whiting’s response on Aug. 23 to the recent letters regarding the proposed rezoning of Foster Road. Our neighborhood is facing many changes that involve an industrial park being built in our backyard, a large airport expansion and proposed rezoning of our neighborhood to industrial.

Whiting says not to worry.

As a homeowner I am concerned about how rezoning might affect the value of my home, my taxes and further development of vacant land amongst residential homes.

Whiting refers to natural buffers between residential and industrial development.

I would like to keep the current residential zoning as it provides a natural buffer between homes and industry. Rezoning the entire road will allow development to encroach on our homes.

Foster Road is not the only road facing zoning changes. Homes along West Hardscrabble, Hotel Road and in nearby Danville are also facing proposed zoning changes.

I urge the Planning Board and Auburn City Council to remove the proposed zoning changes to all of Foster Road from the comprehensive plan. I would like to see the area needed for the airport expansion be the only part rezoned.

Jennifer LaPierre, Auburn

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