Al Qaida beats the drums of war insisting that America doesn’t care about Muslims, that it only cares about Muslim oil. We make that easy for Osama bin Laden by providing his propaganda machine with news of zoning law changes to prevent Islamic cultural centers.

Let’s make bin Laden work for his suicide bombers.

If Americans donate a billion dollars in relief to Pakistan’s flood victims in this holy month of Ramadan, it will not only go toward saving millions of flood victims, it will also go toward preventing future terror victims.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has asked us to text, “SWAT” to the number, “50555” then simply reply, “Yes” when asked to confirm. You’ll be giving a $10 donation to the United Nations High Commission For Refugees.

Whether you read the Torah, the Bible, or the Koran, you’ll find Yahweh, God, and Allah all endorsing the secretary of state’s efforts.

Ramadan Kareem.

Tom Bulger, Avon

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