100 years ago, 1910

The sale of boxes and reserved seats at the grandstand at the fairgrounds opened Wednesday under the direction of T. F. Callahan. As last year, the boxes are sold at a stated price instead of being auctioned off as formerly the custom. Among those who purchased boxes were G. R. Hunnewell, F. S. Neal, H. C. Day, H. G. Foss, E. P. Ham, O. S. Ham, Dr. A. J. Bowman, Col. C. H. Osgood and Dr. A. M. Garcelon.

50 years ago, 1960

This dog’s no “dumb” animal.

Mrs. Emile Brenner of Gutenberg, N.J., last night asked police for help in locating her dog “Spotty” who had leaped through an open window and disappeared as she was asking directions at East Avenue and Sabattus Street. Well, the hunt was on,  but no “Spotty.”

Mrs. Brenner eventually headed back toward the Maine Turnpike and there was “Spotty,” waiting for them at the entrance.

25 years ago 1985

Have you seen any good, bad movies lately?

Not good movies, mind you. Good, bad movies. The kind of films that are so bad, you can’t get enough of them.

Take heart, film fans. There will be more than enough of the cinematic turkeys at the Bates College Bad Film Festival starting on Sept. 11. The festival is a chance to view some real classics from the Hollywood Hall of Shame.

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