This is in response to the letter by Diana Cundy of Paris and her criticism of Aug. 25 against the Sun Journal and Cal Thomas for writing and printing material that exposes the building of a mosque near ground zero for what it is: a travesty of all that is decent in this country.

Moderate Islam, indeed. Can Cundy find more than a handful? Some moderates have spoken out and have denounced that proposed mosque.

The proposed mosque is opposed by a huge majority of Americans and it should be. It is yet another Muslim symbol of victory planted near the point of their conquest.

Cundy has no clue. Does she know that the name “Cordoba House” comes from the Islamic memorial in Spain from an earlier jihad? Does she know that Imam Rauf is a staunch supporter of Sharia law? Does she know what Sharia law entails? Is she aware they won’t divulge where the funding is coming from?

I suspect not.

Can we bury our heads in the sand and whine about religious freedom while the radical Islamists would deny us of all our freedoms, all under the banner of liberal, politically-correct tolerance?

Jared J. Bristol, Hebron

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