NEW SHARON — A young woman was injured Thursday afternoon when the car she was driving went off Route 2, flew through the air and struck four vehicles at Tuttles Auto Sales.

Maine State Police Trooper Jed Malcore said Cassandra Randazzo, 22, of Lakeville, Mass., didn’t know what happened or why the 2002 Toyota Echo left the highway. She was found unconscious in the wrecked car, but regained consciousness before being taken to Franklin Memorial Hospital, those at the scene said.

A hospital spokesman said at 8 p.m. that Randazzo was being evaluated in the emergency room and was in stable condition.

Malcore said Randazzo was returning to Farmington after a day of student teaching in Skowhegan when the accident happened.

The trooper said the Toyota went between a mailbox and telephone pole, jumped over a ditch and apparently hit the lip of the tar in the driveway of the used car business.

The car went airborne, struck a 2010 Dodge Caravan and pushed it into another vehicle, then flipped and crashed into two other vehicles.

The Toyota traveled about 65 feet from the road before it stopped.

Tuttles employees Michael Paradis and Andrew Whittaker witnessed the accident from the office of the business.

“It was like a tornado went past the window,” Whittaker said.

When the Toyota hit the tar, it went airborne about 10 feet off the ground, Paradis said. It looked like it was upside down when it went by the window, he added. He thought it had flipped when it hit the tar and then flipped again when it struck the Caravan, he said.

Paradis, a former emergency medical technician, got into the Toyota to check on the driver, he said. Randazzo was unconscious for a couple of minutes and then came around, he said. He said she was concerned that it was her boyfriend’s car.

She didn’t remember what happened or why she went off the road, he added.

Two of the vehicles damaged, including the Caravan, had already been sold. The new owner of the Caravan expected to pick it up tomorrow, he said.

Those can be replaced, Paradis said.

The employees said they were grateful no customers were in front of the office when the accident happened.

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