LEWISTON — Tanner Burgess, 9, has a New Year’s resolution that could make a difference in his life.

“To keep my name off the board,” he said. “If you get your name on the board you miss recess,” the third-grader said last week from a Montello Elementary School classroom.

His resolution at home is to listen more to his mother.

A third-grade class at Montello has prepared for the start of another year by composing resolutions for themselves at home and school.

Not one third-grader said they want to lose weight, exercise, spend less money or spend more time with family. But several did say in 2011 they want to learn something new, stop talking in line, improve their relations with family, watch less television and read more books.

Ubah Aliyow, 10, has a long list of things she wants to do better in the new year, including learning.

“You’ve got to get an education so you can go to college and get a job, be happy and not lonely,” she said. At home she’ll strive to do what her parents instruct. “You have to be good, not bad. You have to clean your room.”

Maranda Swett, 8, wants to read more books “and do better at math. At home I want to try to walk my dog more.” Her dog, Diamond, likes walks. “She pulls a little,” Maranda said.

Fatuma Mohamed, 8, wants to have “the best handwriting,” read more, “get good at math and the NWA testing.”

At home her goals are to try to be responsible, listen to and be nicer to her family.

Nyah Levesque and Camryn Yorke both want to read more books and do better writing. Nyah said she’ll try “to be better watching my brother. He’s 1 year old.” Camryn’s resolution for home is to “stay out of traffic.”

With the help of their teachers, a few preschoolers, all 4 years old, shared their resolutions.

Taryn Hairston wants to work on good manners. Asha Abukar will work on writing her name.

Skyler Mackenzie’s resolution is to be nicer to his mother and get better at cartwheels.

Connor Turcotte aspires to build a better snowball. Janiah Preble wants to improve her cheerleading.

Third-grade teacher Mary Deschene said she had her class write their New Year’s resolutions for school and home, emphasizing they include the word “try.” Not all resolutions are achieved, she said.

Setting goals as a new year begins is a healthy exercise for everyone, she said. “We all have something to work on.”

Her resolutions are typical of adults. They include to lose weight, exercise more “and take better care of myself.”

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Popular New Year’s resolutions for adults

Drink less alcohol

Get a better education

Get a better job

Get fit, lose weight

Manage debt, save money

Manage stress

Quit smoking now

Take a trip

Volunteer to help others.

Source: www.usa.gov

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