WILTON —  An “invaluable asset to the Wilton Police Department” has resigned from his position, police Chief Dennis Brown announced to selectmen Tuesday.

Lt. E. Page Reynolds concluded his work with the department Friday. The retired Connecticut officer came to Wilton with hopes of moving his family here, Town Manager Rhonda Irish said. With one son in high school and one in middle school, and two daughters in college, the family was hesitant to make the move, she said.

Reynolds had commuted six hours each way, working his scheduled days and returning home on his days off, she said. He maintained two households during that time.

“We’re sorry to see him go but we understand,” Irish said.

“Our philosophies are the same . . . family comes first,” Brown said Wednesday.

Reynolds submitted his notice after the last selectmen’s meeting and finished his two-week notice Friday, Brown said. With the holidays and vacation time, the department wanted to wait to announce the resignation to the board first on Tuesday.

“He was happy here and we were proud of his efforts,” Brown said.

The lieutenant, with more than 20 years experience as a homicide and drug investigator and patrolman, has used that knowledge and experience to bring a new, young staff  a long way over the last year and a half, he said.

The department’s rate for case closure has risen significantly — from 22 percent in 2009 to nearly 47 percent this year — thanks, in part, to Reynolds experience, leadership and investigations, Brown told the board.

Now the department intends to make a positive reassessment of its needs with the selectmen and community members, Brown said.

“We’re at a different point than we were two years ago,” he said of the position partially created to help guide a young, inexperienced staff.

Brown wants the department to be a place where young officers can come and stay, making a career here, he said. Some officers have a lot more experience now and the department’s needs may be different.

“We’re going to evaluate and determine our next step,” he said.

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