What was your experience like in Vancouver earlier this season?

It was great. First, the rookie tournament, to see all the young guys, like the first pick and the second pick, and to play with them was awesome. And then to go to the real camp to see the Sedins and Burrows, just to stay at the same hotel. You come to the hotel and all kinds of fans are waiting for autographs.

And to play in front of 22,000 people was great.

What’s it like to be on a winning team again?

It’s awesome. We never had a win streak of 10 in a row. Last year, we finished with 44 points, and this year, halfway through the season, we had 50, so it’s fun. You can come in the locker room and everybody’s happy, smiling. It’s fun.

Last year, you were the team leader in points. Your role has changed a little bit this year, Talk about any changes or adjustments you’ve had to make.

It’s a good thing that everybody can contribute this year. I am getting a little bit less in points this year, but the team is going good because everybody else is doing good and can contribute to the team that way.

What’s the best part about this group of guys on the team this year?

I think everybody’s working together, and everybody’s enjoying the other guys in the locker room. Everyone is always happy, hanging out with everyone.

Talk about being looked at as a team leader. Does that change how you approach the game?

It doesn’t really change it. I try to do like I did last year, show the example on the ice and sometimes, in the locker room, talk a little bit more, like saying, ‘Hey guys, we should wake up,’ or maybe talk a little bit more. But I don’t think I changed anything else.

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