DEAR SUN SPOTS: The Longley School Library is seeking Lego donations to be used during the early release enrichment program on Wednesday afternoons. We have a fun activity planned for our students and need some help gathering supplies.

Why Legos in the library? These hands-on, hard-to-break manipulatives are great for developing imagination and creativity, emphasizing problem-solving skills, improving fine motor function, and they’re fun! Legos of any size or color will be greatly appreciated, including the Duplos Blocks.

If you can donate used or new Legos, it will help allow our program to expand and be available to many students. The Legos can be dropped off at Longley School at 145 Birch St., Lewiston, ME 04240. For more information, call Longley School at 795-4120. — Peg Corson, [email protected]

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Perhaps my letter got lost or was overlooked, but I wrote you several weeks ago and I never saw my letter in Sun Spots. I am hoping you can put my letter in before I return to Arkansas.

I always get sentimental at this time of year because of something that happened to me while visiting my sister, who was dying of breast cancer. I was on my way back home, and it was snowing quite heavily. I had to pull over frequently to clean my windshield, and the last time I pulled over the car stalled and wouldn’t start.

After sitting 25 minutes or so with no cars passing and I couldn’t find my cell phone, panic started to set in. In the distance I heard something dragging. It looked like a sled with a slight woman pulling it. In her jacket I could see two frightened kittens.

She asked me if she could help, and I told her my car wouldn’t start. She said not to worry, that her partner would be their shortly and he would help.

While talking with her, she told me that their company took care of feral cats and worked out of Greene. After some time, this older man showed up, quite winded but with a big smile and told me “don’t worry.” Before I knew it, I was on my way.

I never thought to get their names and address. Could you please help me find them? I would like to make a donation. — Helena Cote, Springvale, Ark.

ANSWER: Sun Spots did get your first letter, but there was no signature, and as Sun Spots noted recently, she cannot publish anonymous letters, although she will withhold your name if you ask. Fortunately, you did include your name on this letter.

As for your benefactors in the snow, Sun Spots thinks she knows who they might be, but she will wait for a response to be sure.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: In September I bent the frames of my glasses. A friend of mine recommended me to VIP Eyes on Center Street in Auburn. Not only were my glasses repaired in 10 minutes, but I wasn’t charged a cent.

Three days ago I fell on some ice and bent the frames of the glasses again. In addition, one of the lenses popped out. The same friend brought me back to VIP Eyes, and once again they were fixed at no charge.

Needles to say, I owe this company my complete heartfelt thanks. I hope this is printed so local eyeglass wearers will see there are companies in Lewiston-Auburn that are not just about the all-mighty dollar. My highest regards to VIP Eyes. I hope they get the many loyal customers they so richly deserve. — No Name, Lisbon

ANSWER: Sun Spots is happy for your good service from VIP. However, she has to inform you that most optometrists also perform these services for free. In the more than 40 years Sun Spots has been wearing glasses — and frequently breaking them — no one has ever charged her for a repair, only for a part if it was unsalvageable.

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