This is a response to the letters of David Marquis (Jan. 3) and Nicholas St. Hilaire (Jan. 6) who took issue with my letter of Dec. 30.

Both writers  have clearly bought into the soak-it-to-the-rich taxation philosophy of the Democrats. They seem to forget that the wealthy are the individuals who can create the companies that have jobs available for the unemployed.

These two gentlemen have ignored current facts when it comes to the national debt. As of this writing, it has gone over $14 trillion. When Obama took office, it was $10 trillion. So, in just two years the Democrats have increased the deficit by $4 trillion.

My two critics need a reminder that the Congress controls the money; the president does not. The Republican majority in 2000-2006 erred in continuing the lower tax rates and trying to pay for the war at the same time. What did the Democrat majority of 2006-2008 do about it? Nothing.

The secret to balancing the budget is to stop spending so much, not over-tax one group of citizens who have been successful.

If the Republicans had not used some political leverage to continue the Bush tax rates currently, my two critics would have considerably larger personal tax bills this year.

Thomas F. Shields, Auburn

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