My gripe is the prevelance of vehicles that run red lights in the Lewiston-Auburn area. I haven’t lived here long, but learned quickly to count to six after the light turns green before venturing forward. Apparently, you folks are immortal. I am not. The final straw was nearly being T-boned by an oil delivery truck from a well-known company running a red light on Center Street, even after my usual six-count. I’ve since upped my count to 10 and if I see a commercial vehicle run a light, I make a note of the time, place and license plate number and call the company to tell them what happened. The people I talk to are always grateful for the call.

 What is the thinking behind total strangers calling me “dear?” Is it my age that somehow gives you permission to feel that you can take such liberties? It is the oddest colloquialism. I don’t call you “son, hon, youngster, or you guys,” and wouldn’t dream of calling you “dear.” Please return the courtesy.

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