Question: Is “Covert Affairs” returning on the USA Network or has it been canceled? If returning, do you know when?

Answer: The spy drama will be back, with new episodes beginning this summer.

Q: I was wondering what happened to a show called “In Plain Sight.” It was a show about people put in the witness protection program, and we thought it was interesting and novel.

A: The show about federal marshals working in witness protection, which also airs on USA Network, has been renewed for two more seasons. New episodes should begin airing this spring.

Q: I saw a note about the 40th anniversary of the premiere of “All in the Family,” and it made me wonder how old Edith and Archie were supposed to be at the beginning of the series. If they were playing their own ages, it would have been around 46-47 years old, which, well, strikes a little close to home.

A: In “Archie and the Quiz,” a fifth-season episode of “All in the Family,” we hear that Archie was born in 1924, which would have made him 46 or 47 when the series premiered in January 1971. Carroll O’Connor, who played Archie, was also born in 1924. (O’Connor died in 2001.) Jean Stapleton, who played Edith, was born in 1923. I have seen a couple of references to Edith being born in 1927, but have not traced that back to the show; in “Archie and the Quiz,” Archie indicates that he and Edith are the same age.

As for the bigger issue of TV characters’ age relative to us, I was also surprised how young Archie and Edith were when the series began — at least, young compared with how old some of us viewers are now.

By the way, in researching this I took a look at “Archie Alone,” the episode of “Archie Bunker’s Place” dealing with Edith’s death. It’s still a great piece of television.

Q: What movie was Goldie Hawn in where there is an extremely funny scene in front of a judge with Goldie and Chevy Chase (I believe) and dogs?

A: That would be “Seems Like Old Times,” from 1980.

Q: I had gotten hooked on the series “Mercy” that focused on three nurses and their lives in and out of the hospital. It has been so long since the season finale, I honestly cannot remember the main character’s name, but they kind of left her hanging and I haven’t heard of another season or at least some episodes to close up the loose ends. Any info?

A: The series aired for a single season and was not renewed. The complete series has been released on DVD. At this writing, you can also watch all the episodes on

Q: I keep looking for a lawyer firm show that starred Glenn Close. It aired on FX. Will it be returning?

A: Not on FX, which decided not to renew the series, “Damages,” after three seasons. But satellite-program service DirecTV made a deal for repeats of the first three seasons and for 20 new episodes. It began the replays on Jan. 5 on DirecTV’s 101 Network, with new episodes to begin this summer.

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