I urge area voters to decline the current school consolidation plan for Livermore, Livermore Falls and Jay. The grandiose plan calls for the closing of all schools in Livermore Falls and sending all the middle and high school students to Jay.

The plan is way too complex, potentially very expensive and does not guarantee increased test scores or state-mandated exams.

If the merger happens, the new consolidated school board could put together any education budget it wants, recommendations from the student committees notwithstanding.

I favor the alternative organizational structure plan. That program allows the merger of school administration and meets all state requirements for mergers. The administrative services would be merged, including the office of superintendent, central offices, transportation and special education. Under such a plan, the schools in Livermore Falls would not be closed.

I hope others join me Jan. 25 in voting no to the current plan, then have the alternative organizational structure plan discussed and approved.

Keep the Andies-Tigers rivalry.

Jim Collins, Livermore Falls

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