As a caring and patriotic citizen, I enjoy the privilege and responsibility of raising the nation’s flag daily for a local business. On those days in particular when all flag bearers are asked to give tribute via half-staff to a fallen American, I proudly join all other bearers to show support and respect for the family. It is an honor.

However, solidarity and family support are lost while the state has no protocol in spreading the news for displaying the American flag at half-staff for a particular day.

I suggest that the state establish a website for all flag owners to register (both home and business). The website could alert the flag owner of such a day.

One step further — why not establish a registry for all flag sales, allowing new flag owners to receive such an alert?

The American flag is not a toy; it is a symbol of the freedom we gained from the price we paid as a nation. Owning a flag is a privilege and a responsibility.

My hope is for a responsible person with both ambition and proper connections to join the team in Augusta to put my suggestion into place, allowing flag owners the opportunity to pay tribute to those who are deserving.

Bob Turgeon, Minot

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