August 20, 2010… what a joy it was to have been a part of the opening of the 2010-11 academic year! Saint Dominic Academy was officially in session on that date. Once again, I have been privileged to witness another positive step in the history of this fine Catholic institution. I graduated from St. Dominic High and have been a faculty member and assistant principal for many years. And now, Saint Dominic Academy’s mission has expanded to include students from grades pre-K to 12.

I can remember back to when I was a freshman at St. Dominic High School. Students  were separated into a girls division and a boys division. A few years later, the school started to include students from outlying areas of the Twin Cities and became known as Saint Dominic Regional High School. By the time I graduated, the school was co-ed — that was a herculean step forward.

 I returned to teach math at my alma mater in 1976. The Brothers of the Sacred Heart as well as intercommunity sisters were still present and Saint Dom’s was still academically superior.

The next change occurred when the school had lay principals and the only remaining religious was Sr. Solange Bernier. As time went on, the biggest change in the history of St. Dom’s was about to happen. It was 2002 and the school was moving to Auburn in a brand new state-of-the-art facility. The caliber of teachers never waned from being excellent and the students were still receiving a top-notch education.

 We are now at August 20, 2010. Just when we thought St. Dom’s could not improve anymore, we evolved into the largest and only pre-K – 12 Catholic diocesan school in the state of Maine – Saint Dominic Academy. We are blessed to have a dedicated and gifted group of teachers as well as an amazing staff to serve our students.

It has been an extraordinary experience to have been part of the evolution of Saint Dominic Academy. I know our future is bright!

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