This is in response to the article (Jan. 26) about a proposed bill requiring immigrants to carry their alien registration papers.

The human rights activists would have us believe it is racial profiling to ask a possible or known immigrant to produce their alien registration papers upon applying for a Maine driver’s license, welfare programs, or being stopped for motor vehicle infractions.

That’s a proverbial crock.

For the past 100 years, it has been a federal law that immigrants must carry those papers with them at all times and present the same to authorities when requested to do so.

For generations, those who immigrated to this country with the honest intention of becoming real and productive citizens, with full allegiance to this country (such as my Japanese wife), never regarded being asked to produce them as profiling, whether it be their alien registration papers or their naturalization certificate, which most carry with them as proud proof of being a U.S. citizen after becoming one.

Could it be that the self-proclaimed political do-gooders so hellbent on removing common sense from the laws of the land and helping hasten the destruction of this country have foreign-sounding surnames and fear they might be asked to produce either an alien registration document or naturalization certificate and possess neither? Or not even an official birth certificate proving they were birthed in this country of natural-born U.S. citizen parents?

John R. Davis, South Paris

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