Wedding cake trends and ideas for 2011

Cakes decorated with handmade icing flowers, shells/starfish and delicate dots and scrollwork remain popular. Couples are choosing cakes that fit with the location, theme and season of their wedding. Four to five layers is the average size for a wedding of 150-200 people.

Buttercream or smooth fondant frostings are most common. Popular cake flavors include lemon, chocolate, carrot, spice and “white” although some couples are choosing non-traditional flavors such as gingerbread, espresso and hazelnut. Flowers, sculptures, and large monogrammed letters are replacing the traditional bride and groom cake top.

Vintage: Vintage details include broaches, feathers, and lace designs that are typically in a champagne or cream color combination.

Varying Heights: These cakes feature tiers similar in diameter but vary widely in height, allowing even small cakes to have a grand presence. In addition, tall and skinny cakes are making their mark.

Dessert Tables: Brides are opting to have a smaller cake for the ceremonial cake cutting and then adding a variety of desserts to the traditional wedding cake. Things like cupcakes, cake pops, candies, cookies and brownies are some of the more popular choices. Displays can be very casual to elaborate, with most having a variety of heights and maintaining consistent colors or themes.

Groom’s Cakes: With all the popularity of cake shows on television right now, it seems as though everyone wants to incorporate a spectacular sculpted cake into their reception. A perfect way to do so is with a Groom’s Cake. Most are done as an additional cake option for the guests or as a dessert for the rehearsal dinner.

The latest fashion color report for wedding cakes in 2011 reveals a fresh lineup of colors with champagne, turquoise and coral leading the pack.

Pink Champagne Wedding Cake: This very light pink shade is a romantic and soothing shade for the elegant, classic wedding. The entire wedding cake can be draped in Pink Champagne fondant, or trimmed with oversized ribbons and bows. To add pink ribbons and flowers decoration around the cake will bring a more romantic air to the wedding reception.

Yellow: In 2011, people will see a reappearance of yellow as a leading role in the choice of wedding cake color. Stark white wedding cakes decorated with bright yellow sunflowers, daffodils and tulips on the surface will be leading the trend in 2011 wedding.

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