FARMINGTON — A Vienna woman pleaded guilty to three counts of theft, and burglary of a motor vehicle on Tuesday in two separate cases.

Courtney Groder, 19, was charged in August 2010 in connection with more than 20 car burglaries in Farmington.

Assistant District Attorney Andrew Robinson said if the case went to trial, witnesses would have testified that there was a string of burglaries between July 13 and 20.

Witnesses would say that Groder, a co-defendant in the case, acted as lookout and pointed out vehicles that could be burglarized, Robinson said.

Among the items taken from numerous victims were several iPods, wallets, backpacks, global position systems and compact discs. In all, the items stolen were valued at $4,929, Robinson said.

A plea agreement dismissed two counts of burglary.

Under the agreement, Groder entered a 24-month deferred disposition on the felony theft charge. If she is successful during the two years and abides by all terms of the agreement, she will be able to withdraw her guilty plea to the felony and plead to a misdemeanor charge.

On a burglary of a motor vehicle charge, she was ordered to serve three days in the county jail but was given credit for the three days already served.

She also was ordered to pay half the $4,929 in restitution, and if the co-defendant James Smith, 22, of Leeds, doesn’t pay his half, then she would be required to pay all of it.

Groder, who is pregnant, was ordered to pay $25 a month toward the restitution, which is all her attorney, Carol Webb, said she could afford.

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