I am compelled to rebut Nancy Willard’s letter (Feb. 8) accusing me of insulting Democrats and labeling me as ludicrous and childish for my letter (Feb. 2).

Talk about childish sensitivity — nowhere, and I emphasize nowhere, in my letter did I say the human rights and politically correct activists were Democrats. Or, for that matter, Republicans, independents or any other political party.

There are such activists and politically correct-minded people in all political parties, as well as nonpolitical persons, and from all walks of life, not just Willard’s.

I call things the way I see them after examining both sides of an issue (unless someone is shooting at me, and then I will return fire immediately, without hesitating to deliberate the matter).

Having served in Korea and Vietnam, I earned the right to freely express my opinions, not just because I was born here. I am one of the many who sacrificed months and years away from families to ensure Willard still has the freedom to express her opinion. But no one should ever accuse me, or anyone, of saying something I, or they, did not say.

Fortunately, I do not write a syndicated column for daily and weekly newspapers, as there are a lot of groups and people who would be taken over the coals if I did. Then again, maybe I ought to begin thinking about becoming a columnist as a third career.

John R. Davis, South Paris

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