Despite a wealth of information available to help consumers find a vehicle, the car shopping process can still be intimidating for some—especially women.

A recent survey from, the Internet’s leading auto classifieds marketplace and consumer information website, found that about one in four women finds shopping for a vehicle “stressful,” compared to only 15 percent of men. Furthermore, while nearly half of men feel “certain and confident” when visiting car dealerships, only one in four women feels the same way.

According to Courtney Hansen, host of Spike TV’s “Powerblock” and author of “The Garage Girl’s Guide to Everything You Need to Know About Your Car,” shopping for a car can be a fun and rewarding experience, regardless of the buyer’s automotive know-how.

“Long gone are the days when making car purchases is a man’s role. In fact, women influence over 80 percent of all automotive sales,” she says. “Doing your homework on sites like and arming yourself with a few simple tips will help anyone in the market for a new car feel more satisfied with the purchase in the end.”

Developed by Hansen, the new Roadmap to Car Shopping Success makes it easy for women to approach the car- shopping experience with certainty, regardless of how car savvy they are. It also provides them with tips and insights needed to find the right vehicle for them.

Some of these tips, available at, include:

Researching and Planning

• Determine what vehicle features—passenger seating, storage capacity, fuel costs and part replacement—are essential to your lifestyle.

• Compare vehicles, research prices, look at videos and photos, find specials and access local inventory on sites like Bring this research to the dealer or seller.

Visiting a Dealership or

Private Seller

• Ask questions to show that you’re prepared and knowledgeable.

• Get up and take a walk if you ever feel uncomfortable.

Test-Driving and Inspection

• Bring a friend to the test-drive and to help you fully examine the body, interior and engine.

• Conduct a thorough visual inspection after the test-drive.

Considerations and


• Get a CARFAX history report before buying any pre-owned vehicle, based on the vehicle’s Vehicle Identification Number.

• Review government and insurance company crash test ratings for any vehicle you’re considering.


• Go to the dealership armed with the best interest rate that you can locate on your own.

• When negotiating a monthly payment, focus on the actual price of the car.

• Ask the dealer or seller to explain how the cost breaks down and get it in writing.

For more information, visit

Researching online and going in prepared can help women approach car shopping with certainty. (NAPSI)

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