This is in response to articles Jan. 21 and Feb. 15 about potential litigation between landowners in Mason Township and Oxford County over the ownership of Tyler Road.

Here’s my perspective, as someone who has lived on that road for 20-plus years.

For many years, that portion of Tyler Road was nothing more than a footpath. If not for the private property owners back then (the paper companies), the road would not be passable today. County officials never lifted a finger or spent a dime.

County officials now seem to want it both ways. They want to neglect those old roads and yet maintain control when the road cuts through someone’s private property.

This is not about public access. It is agreed that there is a right of way to the Forest Service lands. Since public access is a given, what exactly do county officials have to gain from pushing property owners around?

Looks to me like another example of government intrusion

My neighbors are ready, willing and able to negotiate an agreement directly with the Forest Service so that reasonable work can be done and proposed logging can begin as soon as possible. I know, because I had planned to be party to such an agreement until county officials inserted themselves in the mix.

The citizens of Oxford County need these logging jobs now. The county commissioners must stop harassing private landowners on Tyler Road.

Greg Frangoulis, Mason Township

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