I would like to offer a couple of quick comments about the Chicago Tribune piece on the Koch brothers that was reprinted in the Sun Journal’s Perspective section Feb. 20.

First of all, why was BP not included in the chart of political contributions? The answer may lie in who their contributions went to (read Obama). Hat tip to the author for staying focused on the right party.

Second, can I assume that the Sun Journal will next reprint an expose on the political power wielded by George Soros and his many front groups, such as the Center for American Progress, the TIDES Foundation, Moveon.org and Media Matters?

It would be foolishness or a lie to suggest that Soros does not have the same power and influence on the left that the piece the Sun Journal printed suggests the Koch brothers have on the right.

I can hardly wait to read that article. I am sure that, out of journalistic integrity, the Sun Journal would want to find and print a package that would reflect the other side of the issue.

Frank Phillips, Auburn

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