Going out to a nice restaurant intimidate you? Feel like Miss Manners would stare and shake her head at you helplessly? One little mistake centuries ago and you still don’t feel comfortable going out to eat at a restaurant that doesn’t use plastic utensils? Relax. You know how to behave in a nice restaurant, and here’s a quiz for you to take to prove it.

1) You should spoon soup toward you. True or False?

2) You should use a knife and fork to eat chicken. True or False?

3) You should not use the edge of the plate when twirling pasta. True or False?

4) You should blow on a hot beverage to cool it. True or False?

5) You should use your fingers to put any food you spill from your plate back onto the table. True or False?

6) You should spit out all bad pieces of food into your napkin. True or False?

7) You should scoop out the inside of a baked potato bite by bite. True or False?

8) You should leave all paper trash like sugar packets, creamer containers and straw papers lying on the table. True or False?

9) You should eat fried fantail shrimp with your fingers. True or False?

10) You should ask for a doggy bag no matter what the dining situation. True or False?

11) You should use the fork on your right and the knife and spoon on your left. True or False?

12) You should cut two or three pieces at a time when eating American style (switching the fork to your right hand after cutting). True or False?

13) You should cut one piece at a time when eating Continental style (keeping the fork in your left hand). True or False?

14) You should season your food before you taste it. True or False?

15) You should butter a baked potato with a knife. True or False?

16) You should pick up any silverware you drop on the floor. True or False?

17) You should carry the food to your mouth with the inward curve of the fork. True or False?

18) You should leave your napkin on your chair and push it under the table when you get up from the table. True or False?

19) You should break bread or rolls into small pieces and butter them one at a time. True or False?

20) You should turn the glass upside down if you don’t want to drink wine. True or False?

21) You should pass the salt and pepper shakers together. True or False?

22) You should expect the server to serve food from the left and remove dishes from the right. True or False?

23) You should take a sip of your drink when someone proposes a toast to you. True or False?

24) You should scoop up peas with your fingers. True or False?


1) False. You should spoon away from you to prevent drips. When you are finished, you should leave the spoon turned over in the bowl.

2) True.

3) True.

4) False. You should wait until it is cool enough to drink.

5) False. You should use a piece of silverware to retrieve it and put it on the edge of your plate.

6) False. You should remove the food with the same utensil you used to put it in, place it on the edge of your plate and cover it with other food.

7) True. You shouldn’t take off the foil or remove the insides and put the skin aside.

8) False. You should tuck them under the rim of your plate or a butter plate or saucer.

9) True.

10) False.

11) False. You should use the fork on your left and the knife and spoon on your right.

12) True.

13) True.

14) False.

15) False. You should use a fork instead.

16) False. You should ask your server to do so and get you a new one.

17) True.

18) True.

19) True.

20) False. You should place your hand over the top and simply tell the server no or accept the wine and don’t drink it.

21) True.

22) True.

23) False. You would be toasting yourself.

24) False. You should use your knife or a piece of bread.

How many did you answer correctly? Several, right? See, you know more than you thought and you don’t have to fear going to a restaurant that doesn’t require the use of plastic utensils.

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