Why don’t Auburn’s educators understand the economy and cutting the budget? School Department officials were told to come to the City Council meeting with a proposed budget and, instead, they appeared with passive demands for increases. Why waste everyone’s time?

I cannot blame the councilors for leaving the room — the rest of the people there should have, also.

Just because the school administrators thought of different words to use in their demands doesn’t mean there has suddenly been an increase in spendable dollars.

They are employees of the city, are they not? Can they be presented with a budget that they have to accept because that’s their share of the dollars?

The nightly news is constantly reporting towns that have reached compromises on budgets, but Auburn’s School Department refuses to hear the taxpayers.

New liaisons? New reading teachers? When does the money drain end?

Students’ test scores aren’t reflecting all the special treatment for a select few.

We all want the best for students, but there is only so much money. I am happy that we now have everyday people on the City Council — people who want to do the best for the most, and have no special political interests.

June Chartier, Auburn

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