DEAR SUN SPOTS: Back in October my then-fiance and I went to the Hannaford in Jay, where I noticed a ring in the parking lot. It seems to be a wedding band, with initials and dates engraved on the inside of the band. It is a gold band with small diamond accents.

We immediately turned it in to the customer service desk at Hannaford. Every month or so we would check in to see if they had found the ring’s owner. They had not. After several months of holding the ring they have turned it over to my husband and I. We would really like to return the ring to its rightful owner(s). It seems to be a very old ring, and I know someone is missing it. — Tara, [email protected], 491-5660

ANSWER: Sun Spots hopes the initials and date will help you discern the ring’s rightful owner.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: In an April 2 letter Dominique commented that her geothermal system cost $14,000. Was that a misprint? The prices I have been quoted have been several times that amount. Is there any state licensing or regulation in place for installation of these systems? Thank you. — Ethel Turner, [email protected]

ANSWER: Dominique didn’t say that was the actual cost for her home or specify whether that was just for the equipment or whether it included installation, just that it was about $14,000 for a system. It’s not an easy cost to estimate, as it is installation-based. Some of the variables would include the size of the space to be heated and/or cooled and whether it is a new installation (new house being built as opposed to retrofitting an older home). According to the rules of economics, as the use of geothermal expands, prices should come down.

As for regulations, Sun Spots found a 2008 posting at that explains the rules. (Sun Spots included only the points relevant to your question, but there was much more information. To read the entire piece, go to

“Geothermal wells are considered Class V injection wells and must be registered with the Maine Department of Environmental Protection. … Three main types of geothermal systems exist and each carries some risk of contaminating the waters of the state. Direct exchange systems are more common for smaller residential applications. … With construction of these units heating up in homes, businesses and schools, it is the responsibility of the owner to register it with the DEP and receive information on measures designed to prevent a discharge from occurring. The Class V Registration Form along with the Supplemental Geothermal Well Information Form is available by calling the DEP at 287-3901 or emailing [email protected]

As with any construction project, homeowners should get more than one estimate and ask for references.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: You have helped me a lot before. Now I am asking for help for a mother of two boys. She had a brain aneurysm before Christmas in Georgia, and we are holding a benefit to help get her back to Maine.

The benefit for Elyssa Johnson will be April 17 from 4 to 8 p.m. at the American Legion Hall in South Paris on Church Street. Music will be by the Road Kingz Band, which is donating its time. There will be a buffet and food counter, raffles and 50/50. The cost at the door will be $7.

For more information, call Dara at 890-6570 or Charles at 890-7595, Please come and support this young mother. Thanks. — No Name, West Paris

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