LIVERMORE FALLS — A woman is out $1,600 after someone called her and told her she was in debt and if she didn’t pay up, police would arrest her at work within 30 minutes.

The middle-age woman got nervous and faxed the caller her credit card information and a copy of her license, police Chief Ernest Steward Jr. said Wednesday.

The incident occurred March 30, he said.

The woman contacted the Maine Office of the Attorney General. She was advised it was a scam and to contact the local police department, Steward said. She was also told to contact the credit card company and Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

Anyone trying to strong-arm someone to collect a debt is not doing it properly, Steward said. “They don’t collect debt by force,” he said.

If someone tries to collect a debt by force, then the police should be contacted and they will check into it, he said.

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