The audacity of some supposedly educated people is absolutely unbelievable.

The Auburn School Superintendent and members of the Auburn School Committee want to spend $200,000 to give iPads to 5-year-old children.

Five-year-old children don’t know how to take care of a hamster, let alone a $500 iPad. They have no concept of the value of something like an iPad. To them it’s a toy.

And the $200,000 is just the beginning. They also have to be maintained indefinitely.

At a time when school districts are scrambling to cover budget shortfalls by letting teachers and other employees go, they want to spend $200,000 for toys for kindergartners.

The state is broke and trying to fix the mess left by the Democrats by robbing teachers’ retirement.

The Auburn School Department doesn’t have the money to buy the iPads, but “they will find it” — which translates into the taxpayers will foot the bill. That will affect everyone. You can bet they will be looking for state and federal money.

The price of heating oil has gone up 50 percent since the start of the heating season. Transportation costs have gone through the roof because the oil executives all need new yachts for the upcoming boating season. Many Maine children go to bed hungry every night, and the Auburn School Department is going to blow $200,000 on a luxury item for 5-year-olds.

They remind me of spoiled children with their mother’s credit card.

Alan Osborn, Hartford

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