PARIS — Students at Oxford Hills Middle School recently celebrated the publishing of their own books.

“I learned a lot about the dialog and speech,” Amanda Martin, an eighth-grader from Otisfield, said. She said she learned about writing and publishing during a language arts class.

The students began studying the development of a book in February. Teacher Carrie Faith said they learned about character development, themes, plot developments, dialog, narrative structure and much more in the class.

Martin said she developed her story around a bunny figure named “Charlie” who was often bullied by other children but in the end turned out to be the “Easter bunny.”

It took her two days to write the draft, she said, but she kept revising it. “I woke up at 2 this morning and started working on it,” she said.

The children recently showcased their work in a children’s book publishing party at Oxford Hills Middle School where hundreds of students and family members turned out to listen to students read their books aloud and browse the books on display.

“This is to celebrate their work,” Faith said.

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